Useful Links

These are links to organizations or websites that may be useful in
acquiring information about a particular concern.  In addition, I have
enclosed links to professional organizations to which I belong, as well as
links that offer additional information about my training and expertise. (link to the American Psychological Association website
with very helpful information about a wide range of psychological topics. (link to the National Register of Health Service
Providers in Psychology, the largest credentialing organization for
psychologists.)  ( link to a service that can help you find the
right psychologist, a service of the National Register of Health Service
Providers in Psycholgy.) (link to the Professional Academy of Custody
Evaluators (PACE). Here you can learn more about custody issues, as
well as verify my credentials as a PACE Academy Fellow and Registered
Custody Evaluator (R.C.E.) in Hawaii. Link to the Hawaii Psychological Association Here you will find my professional profile. Feel free to
join this professional networking site and to learn more about my
professional experiences, and read recommendations about me from my
colleagues. Psychology Today Ladies Who Launch Listing Who's Who in Mental Health and additional resources for
the mental health consumer.  

More links to follow!

I hope you find this information is useful and educational.  
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